We can find your ideal business partners regarding import and export transactions
We are capable of finding the best international trade partners for your organisation, either importers or exporters. We have a very wide network of businesses related to international trade activities.

If you are an importer, we can find the most suitable sellers. If you are an exporter, we can find the most suitable buyers. This is possible because we have an updated data bank of exporters and importers. We are constantly adding new contacts to our data base.

By dealing with us you have these advantages:

- We can make you save time and money when you look for international trade partners.

- We have long experience and technical knowledge about pricing, logistics, documents, means of payment and other international trade procedures. Our expertise on global trade will facilite the development of your international transactions.

- We are valuable intermediary established in the market for a long time. In that sense, we know the complex aspects of international transactions.

- We can deal with all the inquiries from importers and exporters, facilitating the communication between both parties.

- The cost of the use of our services is relatively low, as compared with other options.

- We speak several languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, among others. We are capable of dealing with multilingual markets.