Other Services
We also provide the following services:

- Market research for import- export activities. Detection of business opportunities, analysis of tariff and non-tariff barriers.

- Evaluation of cultural and legal differences between home market and the international targeted markets

- Design of general international marketing strategies to be applied by the companies we provide with consultancy services. Assistance related to labelling, international branding, adaptation of products or services to cultural, legal and economic specific aspects of foreign markets, etc.

- Selection of the best ways of communication in the destination markets (fairs, adverts, samples, sales promotion, direct marketing, etc.) Analysis of the best conditions regarding quotations to be offered abroad (incoterms, ways of payment, maturity date, etc.).

- Calculation of the prices of export merchandise and the costs of import goods. Analysis of other conditions related to international quotations (currency, quality, volume, date of shipment, documents to be provided etc.) and preparation of the quotes or purchasing proposals to be offered abroad.

- Selection of most convenient distribution channels in the markets of destination (distributors, dealers, etc.)

- Negotiation with international clients and suppliers. Planning of meetings to get into an agreement with the international partners.

- Support to entrepreneurs in their attendance to tradeshow and international fairs. Assistance related to promotional material, samples, custom procedures, tradeshow costing, human resources to be assigned, monitoring of the outcomes of the participation, etc.

- Calculation of the export prices offered to the international clients (FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.) and analysis of other conditions related to the quotation (currency, way of payment, quality, volume, date of shipment, documents to be provided etc.). Preparation of the quotations to be offered abroad and international purchasing proposals.

- Counselling on documents of international trade activities related to the transactions carried out by the companies. (invoices, packing lists, weight lists, bill of lading, air way bill, certificates of origin, sanitary certificates, quality control documents, etc).

- Advisory related to the means of payment to be used in the international activities (letter of credit, transfer, collection, etc.) Bank management of the international transactions, if required by companies.

- Coordination of international logistics for international trade operations (negotiation with transport companies, preparation of the containers and pallets, supervision of loading and arrival of the merchandise, etc.)

- Analysis of different customs regulations in the markets of origin and destination (licences, quotas, packaging requirements, quality standards, sanitary controls, compulsory information related to labelling, environmental legislation etc.)

- Advisory on associative international trade projects: joint ventures, export pools, export consortia, etc.

Our company has been managing international negotiations for a wide range of products such as: charcoal, wine, olives, furniture, honey, tea, wheat, wheat flour, spices, rice, sugar, cooking oil, ore, among other goods. In that effect, our company has given advice on international trade issues to all kind of enterprises, from big companies to inexperienced small and medium-sized businesses.

Our international business activities have been carried out in several markets such as America, Africa, Asia and Europe. We have also developed a wide network of importers, exporters and professional partners in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.