Advisory and coaching on different entrepreneurial topics.


Our consultancy services include professional advice on the following topics


-  General support on import and export activities


- International negotiation with potential clients, suppliers and partners


- Management of domestic and international sales


- International trade agency activities


- Development of export and import strategies


- Preparation of international documentation


- Coordination of international logistics


- Management of foreign investment


- Research on tariff and non tariff barriers regarding international markets


- Management of international means of payment


- Obtaining finance for international trade transactions


- Participation in international tradeshows and fairs



- Because we fervently believe that ANY ORGANISATION CAN OPERATE IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKETS, regardless of their size, budget, products, services and past expeirence


- Because we know that ALL ORGANISATIONS WILLING TO PERFORM INTERNATIONAL TRADE ACTIVITIES HAVE UNIQUE TANGIBLE ADVANTAGES that businesses operating locally don't benefit from. Some of these benefits are: spreading business risks over different markets, actuall improvement of their quality parameters, increase in their profits, fiscal benefits, lowering of costs because of larger scales, among others.


- Because we know that ALL ORGANISATIONS HAVE SPECIFIC STRENGTHS (also called core competences), which are part of their uniqueness. These strenghts can always be appreciated in the international markets, even n the cases that those distinct traits were not fully valued in domestic markets.


- Because we believe that ANY ORGANISATION CAN REACH ITS POTENTIAL WOLDWIDE,with the right professional support, which guides it throughout the internationalization process.